We wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year.
And yes, this picture was taken today, December 24th, 2010.
Happy White Christmas!

This website has been elected as one of the Top 50 Genealogy Web Sites in Germany. Isn't that something?
Itsourtree.com (German name of the website: verwandt.de) is said to be the leading provider of online family trees in Europe ("verwandt" means related in English).

Are you curious what happened to Ann Angel Waldmann, the protagonist of "Ann Angel's Freedom"? Meanwhile, I got a lot of information about her descendants and made a summary for this website. Look at Ann, my angel.

Nearly unbelievable but true: we're in contact with our relatives in Australia! Who wants to know more about it should use the following link Clemens Junghans.

Do you know the song "Liberty Ridge Road"? That's where Christoph Waldmann settled in 1870 and where still some of his descendants are living!

Found new ancestors! Thanks to Ronald Weiß who sent me information about the ancestors of Johann Gottlob Richter.

Ann Angel's Freedom
A historic novel by Katharina Kolata

You'll find more information concerning this novel by using this link.

Finally! Kirsten and Sabrina got their own side.

I'm often asked to transcript old documents written in German. A lot of people (even Germans) have problems with reading the old German script. So I added a side that shows the old letters: The Old German Sript.

There's a new website which gives information about the distribution of surnames in Germany. I searched for the name Waldmann. Here's what I found and the link to this site.

Last summer, a new picture from our farm was taken from a helicopter. It's really lovely and so I published it here: Picture of the farm.

At the moment, 21,380 individuals are in my family research database. So it was time to update the list of surnames. I changed the layout a little bit, too: list of surnames.

Whoever researched his family will find that by finding an answer you'll always find a new question, too (or more than one)! Therefore, I added a side to this web site with some of the questions that I have: Searching for ...

I also added a short essay about German-American Family Research. But watch out! This essay can be very confusing for people that don't know the names that are mentioned nor how complicated relationships can be when the families lived close together for centuries.