At the end of the 18th century, living on a rich farm like the one of the Waldmann family meant lots of hard work and little time for privacy. Still, Ann Angel Waldmann is happy. However, everything changes when her father decides to buy their freedom. Will it be a change for the better?

This novel is based on the true history of the Waldmann family. It covers the time from 1799 to 1803 in the area of Osnabrück, a time of world-wide changes. Beside the everyday worries about friends and families, people of the rural community have to cope with the results of the first and second war against Napoleon. Even if they aren't involved yet, war casts its shadow over the peaceful village.

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reader comments

Ann Angel's Freedom is an amazing, beautifully researched, well-written tale of a world and a time far different from our own, but one that still resonates with the struggles we all face today. I found myself suffering with Ann and those she loved, hoping for her, and in the end cheering with her. It's a wonderful story, made more wonderful because it's true. (Holly Lisle, bestselling author Holly Lisle Official Author Website)

You have put together a book of mystery and intrigue while providing excellent insight and knowledge about the history and traditions of living in the Schledehausen area in 1800....I am reading your book over and over again. (N.B. from Nebraska, USA)

I liked the book. In the beginning I was often thinking about how you and your friend had been busy gathering all the background information and your display of all that you had learned, but reading on I started to forget about that and enfoying the story itself. (M.H. from NL)

I have made time for your book, which I loved!!! I think that you and Anke did a wonderful job of research and writing. I loved your story, characters, writing style, and found your appendix -all parts- also beautifully done and most valuable!!! Thank you!!! (A.V.S. from Illinois, USA)

I just finished reading your book and I really, really enjoyed. It was written such that I could almost imagine myself there with the people in the book. The translation was excellent. (D.K. from Missouri, USA)

I had to make myself finish my work before I started to read. But I wanted to tell you both how much I am enjoying the book. It's so interesting - and since my ancestors farm was near to the Waldmann farm, I am getting the sense of what their life might have been like. Thank you so much to both of you for all your hard work on writing this book. I hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am. (G.M. from Iowa, USA)

My wife has read your book, and she liked it. (D.C. from Massachusetts, USA)

The book arrived a few days ago & I am thoroughly enjoying it. Now, when are you going to write the sequel? The book is particularly interesting and fun for me, because I was fortunate enough to visit most of the places mentioned in the book last October, and had Anke for a most excellent guide. (D.S. from Montana, USA)

I finished reading the book a few days ago. It is certainly interesting to see the way those people lived at that time, I wonder if they ever imagined that there would be times such as we live with today, probably not. I say that as I think of my life, the circumstances of that time when I was very young and I do not think we had any idea of what our lives would be over the years. Today we have science fiction and sometimes that makes one think a great deal.
No doubt the two of you must have spent countless hours gathering all the info and I had the thought that if you were to continue the story thru time it would likely be easier to get the info.
I was glad to see pictures of the two of you. That adds a good deal for me. I have thought many times in the course of my business about the many people I talked to, never seeing them nor knowing them or what they looked like. So goes life I guess.
So I thank both of you for all of your efforts puting together the story. I think you can be very proud of it. (A.P. from California, USA)

I finished the book! [...] I loved it! It really helped me to see what life might have been like for my ancestors. It seemed as if life was hard, but still there was a lot of joy mixed in with it. The description of the traditional women's clothing from the Schledehausen area (and the picture) - looked just like what my great-great-grandmother was wearing in the photo I have of the family. It must have been so interesting for you to find out all of this about your family - and then to have it written into a book must be exciting too.
Well, I thought I would tell you that my parents both read Ann Angel's Freedom (in only a week) and they both liked it too. So I think you should feel very proud of your book. And I hope it won't be eleven years until the next one, because I want to read that one as well. (G.M. from Iowa, USA)

I enjoyed the book Ann Angel's Freedom. You translated it very well and it was easy to read. The people of that era had a hard life, but still managed to have fun and enjoyment. I don't think I will complain about doing laundry, dishes, cooking again. At least not for a little while. Was surprised by the ending. I love a mystery!!! (C.R. from Oregon, USA)

Thank you so much for sending us your wonderful book - I have started reading it and can't wait to get back to it. [...] L. has completed reading your book and said she just couldn't put it down she was to entertained + enlightened by it. (J.W. from Wisconsin, USA)