The Probst family

Jähnig   Hofmann   Waldmann

Elisabeth Waldmann married Friedrich Probst in 1937. The Probst famliy comes from Darum near Belm (County of Osnabrück). The farm still exists. A grandson of August Probst (brother of Friedrich Probst) is living there with his family.

At the end of the 18th century, the farm belonged to Johann Hermann Probst and his wife Catharina Elisabeth, nee Thymann. They had seven children: four died as babies or little children, one daughter, Catharina Marie died 1783 at the age of 18. Only two sons remained: Christopher Henrich (born 1769) and the heir Gerd Henrich. In 1796 Christopher Henrich took his chance and married Maria Margaretha Marquard from Icker, who was the heir of her parents farm. Gerd Henrich Probst took ill (dysentery) and died in October 1800. So his parents had no heir. They could not give the farm to Christopher Henrich because he had moved to Icker. They did not give the farm to Anna Margaretha Probst, a niece of Johann Hermann Probst, who lived on a rented farm, either. She was 48 years old but her husband, Johann Christopher Hellmig, was much younger (35) and they had a daughter. Finally, Johann Hermann Probst and his wife decided to leave the farm to Maria Elisabeth, nee Holtgreve, daughter of the neighboring farm in Darum. Her mother was related to Catharina Elisabeth Probst for she was a nee Thymann, too. Marie Holtgreve was married to Hermann Heinrich Wefel from Schledehausen. His ancestors come from Grambergen like the Waldmanns, so maybe we will find an old relation between the families. Both took on the name of Probst when they inherrited the farm.

The Probst family (1907)
in front: Friedrich, August, Sophie, nee Meyer zu Uptrup, Heinrich Probst, Johann Christoph Probst, nee Backhaus
behind them: Gustav, Heinrich, Christoph, Karl, Elise, Wilhelmine, Luise und Wilhelm

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