The Hofmann family

Probst   Jähnig   Waldmann

The Hofmann family comes from Saxony. The farm in Görbersdorf (halfway between Dresden and Chemnitz) does not exist any more. Arno Hofmann fled to West Germany in 1957 and his family followed. They lived in Sehlingdorf near Buer first, in 1958 they rented a little farm in Grambergen. The owner was Friedrich Waldmann, who married the oldest daughter Regina Hofmann in 1961.

Arno Hofmann had two younger brothers. Most of their children and grandchildren are still living in Saxony.

We do not know a lot about the history of the Hofmanns because we just started the research. We will appreciate every information and story given.

An uncle of Arno Hofmann, Clemens Junghans from Dittersdorf (Tiefenbach), emigrated to Austrialia. He married Grede (surname unknown) and had two children: Lotte and Emil. We have no contact to that branch of the family although we would like to.

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