The where-abouts of the following Waldmann children is still unknown:

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Anna Gertrud Waldmann, baptized Oct 23, 1701 in Schledehausen
family tree
!!!New information - maybe married to the Colonus Ludwig Arnold Splete of Lockhausen, parish of Bad Essen!!!

Anna Gertrud Waldmann, born April 25, 1753 in Grambergen
family tree

Hermann Heinrich Waldmann, born March 31, 1750 in Grambergen
maybe later became Colonus Obrock in Wittlage
family tree

Joes Caspar Waldmann, baptized July 19, 1705 in Schledehausen
married Nov 24, 1734 in (Bad) Essen to Anna Elisabeth Klute
family tree

Johann Adam Waldmann, born Dec 2, 1741 in Grambergen
maybe married to Katharina Margarethe Dörmann
family tree

Johann Gisbert Waldmann, baptized July 16, 1674 in Schledehausen family tree

Johann Henrich Waldmann, baptized August 10, 1671 in Schledehausen family tree

Thank you for any hint.